Judal from Magi ;w;

I fell in love with this character. and his cute ponytail (I don’t know what to call it lol)

is it Judal or Judar really ._.
WIP hahahha

guess who
Teen Dragon, based on Yarra’s fanfiction~

awesome story ;w;
WIP of Puss in Boots:Three Diablos gijinka 

Those kittens are really lovely ~(=w=~)
Kili, the majestic-wannabe.
Mozart from Mozart L’opera Rock
Just found this old art .w. it’s like from.. 2 years ago I suppose.
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Oh yes, at first I tried to draw Arthur and then suddenly idea. Maybe she’s still Arthur. Or not.
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Lacie from Pandora Hearts.
She’s kinda complicated but I love her personality!